“Simply, I am a better actor because of Caroline.”

Alan Powell | ABC’s Quantico

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Wednesday Night

This is our foundational class. Students learn the NAS method, focusing on script analysis and camera appropriateness. This is where the NAS community also begins. To begin, schedule an audit.

Monday & Sunday Afternoon

These two classes are advanced. Students are working on advanced principles of emotional life and beyond, all while working on camera in an otherwise traditional scene study. To begin, schedule an audit.

Monday: 6-9:30pm

Sunday Afternoon: 1-4:30pm

Sunday Night

This is our all on camera all the time class. Students are still working on advanced principles of craft, but they are also constantly working on the technical aspect of their craft. We use three cameras to get both coverage and two/three person shots. All the work is viewed on a monitor. This class is invitation only. To begin, schedule an audit.

Sunday Night: 5-10pm

Young Actors Tuesday & Saturday Classes

We have two Saturday classes for young actors, one for actors between 6 and 11 years old, the other for actors between 12-18. These classes are fun and intense. We use our NAS method and adapt it so that it is age appropriate. We also offer a unique space in these classes, letting the parents come in for a Q and A once a month. This business can be confusing and difficult to navigate – we try to help parents with that so they can make the best decisions for their kids. Spots are limited. To begin, contact lindsey@nashvilleactingstudio.com.


Non Performing Members

For $100/month, you can audit any class as often as you’d like. Yep, unlimited :) Additionally, this membership will allow you to be placed on the top of any class waiting list. Spots are limited. To begin, contact NAS.

Private Coaching & On Set Coaching

If you are looking to be coached privately, or would like an on set coach, please contact NAS.

About NAS

Caroline started Nashville Acting Studio in 2008 after being asked by her Belmont University students to continue her Acting for Camera class outside the university. The early focus was on script analysis and emotional preparation.

Over time, Caroline refined her approach to what it is today. We begin with a foundation in script analysis (a detailed Script Analysis Worksheet is provided to all students) and camera appropriateness. Students move on to work on emotional life and vulnerability, covering sadness, fear, anger and happiness. They follow that with working on masculinity/femininity, power, character and comedy.

We have three cameras in every class, which allows our students to work on the craft of storytelling while refining the technical side of actually telling the story on camera and for camera.

We offer a foundational class and advanced classes, all strict scene study and all with on camera work, though only one class is all on camera all the time, working with the three camera concept.




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With IMDB credits including: ABC’s Quantico, The Social Network, In Time, The Collection, Flight Plan, The Identical, CSI: NY, Nashville, Banshee, The Wire, Prison Break, Burn Notice, Pair of Kings, Still the King, Sleepy Hollow, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Ant Man and many, many more.


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