Get NAS coaching anywhere, anytime.


Online Learning

Facetime Coaching

NAS offers remote teaching and coaching via FaceTime or Skype. Whether it’s getting live feedback on something you’re working on, getting coached on a monologue we provide, we’ve got you covered. If you’d like us to pick your path of education, we will set up schedule to take you through the NAS Method. All you need is a cell phone and decent internet connection. Thanks to technology, you have one less excuse to practice your craft. Ready to start? Just click here.


Online classroom

Our online classroom has two different flavors; either livestream an actual NAS class taking place, or hop into a virtual classroom with a handful of other actors. With the virtual classroom, actors take turns performing what they are working on while the other students watch. Your coach will take questions and offer notes as if it were a physical class. Ready to start? Just click here.


Remote audition coaching

Stuck with an audition? With Remote Audition Coaching, a coach will help you get your audition into shape by offering notes in realtime. Additionally, if you’d just like a coach to watch an audition and offer notes, you can do this as well. Ready to start, just click here.


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